I have fibromyalgia and sjogren's and my memory hasbeen getting worse like I forget which town I am in andget my cats mixed up. Is this normal?

? brain fog. Patients with fibromyalgia frequently complain of poor memory. A small body of literature suggests that there is cognitive dysfunction in fibromyalgia. Sjogren's can also cause fluctuating mild memory loss. Not knowing what town you are in may be a sign of a more serious problem. Discuss with your doctor and make sure your medications are reviewed as this could be due to side effects as well.
?Memory changes. Look for medication side effects, make sure sleep is good and adequate for 7-8 hrs/day, good sleep hygiene, good bm daily, exercise regulalry, eat balance high fiber diet. If have sleep apnea symptoms gets screened and treated, avoid tobacco use and or alcohol if applicable. Keep sleep/event log ? Brain fog symptoms if persist see your doc for further evaluation.
Cognitive Dysfunctio. Cognitive dysfunction is the most common extraglandular problem in sjogren's. The drugs Modafinil and Armodafinil are very effective in improving symptoms.
No, it is NOT normal. While some patients with fibromyalgia can have mild problems with memory and concentration, the memory problems you have described are not typical. I strongly recommend you discuss this with your doctor and have a thorough evaluation to find possible other causes. Also, sjogren's can cause brain inflammation which can cause abnormal thinking, so you should be evaluated for this.