My dr has noted that I have 2 diff type of pvcs one in rv the other is not said. Why and where could it be coming from. Just assured not dangerous.?

Let me explain. The upper chambers in the heart are more "irritable" than the main chambers. In other words, they are more likely to produce prematurebeats (pacs). A few examples: which is more common- a-fib (atrial) or v-fib (ventricular)? Which is more common- svt (atrial) or VT (v-tach) (ventricular)? Both pacs and pvcs are usually benign, so it's really not an issue. Ask your doctor also please.
Does not matter. Could come from any other area of your heart. Important is to make sure your heart is structurally sound and also to see how many pvcs you have. That will determine the need for further work-up and/or therapy.