What causes pale colored stools with upper right abb pain which can be off and on?

Gallbladder. Gallstones, problems with the gallbladder, or blockage of the flow of bile (a substance created by the gallbladder which is responsible for changing the color of ones feces) may lead to upper right abdominal pain and a change in stool color. It is important to see your physician in order to properly diagnose and treat your symptoms.
? Your liver/GB. Your liver is in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen.For gallbladder sits directly below it. Certain liver infections, or gallbladder infections or blockage can cause the symptoms you describe. I recommend seeing your family physician for laboratory tests and possibly ultrasound or other imaging studies.
Gall bladder? This sounds a lot like a gall bladder problem. The pale stools are most likely caused by and inability to digest fats. The gall bladder is in the right upper abdomen and secretes bile which helps in fat digestion. It may be a gall stone but there are other more serious gall bladder pathologies that should be looked into.