C7 facet fractures& pars 4 months ago now healed was told take brace off but so frightened something might happen will it be ok fearful of everything?

Ok to be fearful. If you've been given the OK, just start slow with rehab and strengthening program. It will feel weak in the neck initially and even be sore, don't worry about that it is normal. Give it time and a few months from now you will be doing most everything you want to do. You can do it!
Should be okay . In a 52 year old female with no other medical problems, should be okay to take off the brace now. Your doctor's obviously obtained follow-up x-rays or ct scan which has confirmed a stable healed fracture. The longer you are in the brace so more stiffness and loss of mobility you'll likely have. Just take it slow and focus on your bone health.