Pain in lower back that goes into legs n foot, hhaving numbness in leg. What should I do?

Lumbar stenosis. Lumbar stenosis can present with severe back pain that radiates to the buttock or legs down to the feet. May be associated with numbness and weakness. Causes are disc bulging or herniation, bony osteophytes (spur), spondylolisthesis, ligament hypertrophy. Check with your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Low back pain disc disease. Sig. Curve in spine w/ slippage. Can t stand straight. Height loss of 4". Some numb& ting legs, feet. Fear surg outcome. Idea?

Learn. There are very positive, legitimate situations where surgery can significantly help a persons situation. Don' fear it, but learn your situation, your options, your trends and find a conscientious spine specialist and be proactive in finding a way to improve your situation. Read more...