It hurts to pee and I have to go in little spurts every 10 minutes. Whats wrong?

UTI See Dr. Those may be signs of a urinary tract infection.. Bacteria can get in our urinary tract, usually in women because of how close the urinary tract is to the anal area & because the urethra (tube leading out of bladder) is very short. This may occur during sexual activity or after using bathroom. However, many women may get urinary infect with no identifiable causation.
Urinary infection. Symptoms of cystitis, probably from an infection. Need to get your urine tested. Good luck.
Infection. The symptoms you are experiencing (urinary urgency and frequency) are commonly associated with a urinary tract (bladder) infection. The infection causes irritation of the bladder which gives the sensation of needing to urinate, even without the bladder being full. Urinary tract infections are typically easily treated with a short course of antibiotics.