I'm on wellbutrin (bupropion) 150 1xday for past yr; it helped I still have lots anxiety despite my efforts to overcome doc added 10mg celexa will this drug help?

Probably. Well butting is a very good antidepressant, but may actually exacerbate anxiety. Celexa is good for both anxiety and depression. You are on low dose of both. Max dose of celexa is 40 mg. Using these 2 meds together is not uncommon, but if celexa helps discuss with your doc possibly dropping Wellbutrin (bupropion) at some point.
Possibly yes. Wellbutrin (bupropion) is an antidepressant but it doesn't relieve anxiety unless the anxiety is a direct result of being depressed. Celexa is also an antidepressant, but in addition it can decrease anxiety directly. Adding it may indeed help. The dosages of both of these are low if you are an adult, but could be just right for you if you are a child (or very old or medically ill). Hope it helps.
SSRI. Celexa is one of a class of medications called ssri, which is indicated for anxiety treatment. I have had good outcome overall treating my anxiety patients with it. It works differently from wellbutrin (bupropion) so it's safe to take both at the same time.
I hope so, but... No 2 people are exactly alike in their med needs, so we won't know until you take your dr's advice and begin the celexa (citalopram). Keep communicating with dr. If you're not improving sufficiently, there are other measures can help.