Do you think it could be a waste to get liposuction before getting pregnant?

May be. If you are planning on pregnancies in the near future, best to wait on having any type of body contouring surgery at this point. Complete pregnancies, achieve a long-term stable weight, and then evaluate to see whether you will need the help of a plastic surgeon to achieve your goals. Best wishes.
Probably. I would discourage any procedures (liposuction, tummy tucks) if you are planning to get pregnant, .
Liposuction/pregnanc. I think so. If you are thinking about getting pregnant any time in the near future, i would advise you to delay any type of body contouring surgery. Wait until you have had all the children you want, save some money and then consider a mommy makeover. It's your best chance to get a great result.
No. Pregnancy is often associated with weight gain and an increased percentage of body fat. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy is easily reversed very shortly after the post delivery period. However, excessive weight gain during pregnancy greater than 15-20 lbs. Will likely lead to contour irregularities requiring additional liposuction to improve them.
Maybe not. Lipo will permanently remove fat cells from the area, but not all of them. If you gain a lot of weight in pregnancy, you may store some in your previously lipo'd area, but it will be easier to lose from that area as well. If you haven't had any kids, you may want to wait to see how much your skin stretches, you may want a tummy tuck in the future.