Does fungal infection in body show effect in eye something like itching, burning frequently?

Probably not. Systemic fungal infections can affect the eyes, but not usually in the way you describe. The fungus can get into the eye through the bloodstream and cause a serious condition called endophthalmitis. You can get a fungal infection of the cornea, but it would be unlikely to come from a systemic infection. What you describe sounds more like dry eye/allergy. I would see an ophthalmologist to be sure.

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I have this weird itching, burning. Needle pin, numbness feeling all over my body usually much worse at night. Fungal infection?

Unusual sensations. Make sure these aren't side effects of medication or OTC supplements or medications first. Then see your doctor for a good thorough neurological exam to rule out sensory neuropathy. You may need to have your vitamin B12 level checked as well as your bilirubin. Read more...