What are the causes of tingling in left foot and hand, and sometimes the face?

Tingling. This is serious condition, i would recommend you see your pcp as soon as you can. There are many conditions that can cause this presentation, from stroke, to migrane headache, metabolic conditions and even multiple sclerosis. Please see your doctor.

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Tingling in left foot and hand. EMG did not show anything. But now also tingling in right hand and foot and face.?

Uncertain . Tingling mesas consider that this is neurologic or nerve pain. However there are also causes of tingling that are not neurologic. The most common one to think of is paresthesias. You can discuss this with your physician and see if that is the issue. Read more...

I had tingling in my left hand for about a week then my left foot became tingly and now the left side of my face what is it please?

Difficult Question. I would advise that you go see your doc for a complete history and physical. They may want to also do some blood work to check for the cause of your symptoms. Hope this helps! Read more...