What causes a red rash that spreads when you get upset, nervous, hot, even eating hot foods? The rash does not itch just makes me really hot?

Maybe hives. You may have hives, or urticaria, triggered by your emotional upsets. There is a condition called systemic mastocytosis, which can cause what you describe. But urticaria can be caused by anything that causes special tissue white blood cells called mast cells to release histamine and other chemicals under your skin. Triggers for mast cell activation may be allergic or nonallergic like emotions.
Rash. Please consult your primary care doc. To rule out food allergies or other medical issues before concluding it is just anxiety.
Flushing. It sounds like you are having a flushing response that is caused by your blood vessels dilating. This can be a common anxiety response similar to heart racing or becoming short of breath.