If I have cronic sinus pressure, inner ear fluid, blocked ears and ringing without runny nose or watery eyes or itching can it be allergies?

Possible/less likely. Allergies can cause these symptoms that you mentioned. But it could be chronic sinusitis. In that case, antibiotics or sometimes surgery can help. You should see an ear, nose, throat doctors first, and later also do an allergy testing to rule out allergies.
Possible. You need to see an otolaryngologist (ent doctor) for work up and treatment.

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I know its allergy season but I never encountered this b4 my symptoms r: runny nose, head pressure, itchy/watery eyes?

Allergic symptoms. If a lot of pollen in the air, the symptoms of runny nose, head pressure (possibly sinuses) and itchy, watery eyes are consistent with allergic symptoms.

Extreme throat pain. Ears conjested. Tongue hurts. Teeth hurt. Sinus pressure. Runny nose. Drainage from eyes. Bad cold? Or need antibiotic?

Acute sinusitis. Can be caused by vital or bacterial infection. Is a common condition, but if you have signs or symptoms that may indicate a serious infection: severe headache confusion, double vision, stiff neck shortness of breath call your pcp. In any case is always good to see your doctor preventing future complications and decide for the proper diagnosis and treatment.
Upper teeth? Sounds like bacterial or viral sinusitis. You may need antibiotics. See MD. If dental pain unrelated, see DDS.