Is there anxiety meds with no sexual side effects?

Yes. Discuss your concerns about sexual side effects of your anxiety medications with your doctor and ask if alternative medications without this side effect will be helpful for you. Good luck.
Yes. While ssri antidepressants are often used for anxiety & have sexual side-effects, benzodiazepine tranquilizers (valium, ativan, etc) usually don't. However, they're addictive. Buspar (buspirone) is for generalized anxiety & doesn't have sexual side-effects. Beta-blockers (propranolol etc) can be used for anxiety & rarely have sexual side-effects. And of course, there's therapy, meditation, yoga, etc...
Definitely. I agree with dr. Reidbord's ideas, emphasizing that meds are far from the only way to deal with anxiety. Exploring & working on your anxiety through psychotherapy, plus practicing meditation and/or yoga can be excellent. Classical homeopathy with a well-trained practitioner is an additional effective way. Also, an herbal blend called "tension release" by mega foods -- contains no kava & is safe.