Can an arachnoid cyst or a chiari 1 malformation grow?  

Sometimes. Aarachnoid cysts can show enlargement with age. Chiari malformations can worsen via increased cord compression or by hydrocephalus/syringomyelia.
Yes. Chiari 1 is not likely to grow, though symptoms can occasionally become worse. Arachnoid cyst is an entirely different condition and they can grow.
Yes. Cyst can grow. Acm 1 can get worse compressing nervous tissue.

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I have an arachnoid cyst and a chiari 1 malformation. How will a neurosurgeon know which one is causing my tinitus, dizziness, and nausea?

Working diagnosis. It depends on the location of the cyst, the extent of the chiari malformation on mri, what other symptoms you might have (difficulty swallowing, arm/legs symptoms, reflex changes). You might need an evaluation by an ear-nose-throat surgeon to see if there is a problem with the hearing and balance nerves. It becomes about choosing the most likely explanation after all the info are available.
Cyst Location. Unless the arachnoid cyst is in the area called your posterior fossa, the back of your skull area, the dizziness would more likely be related to a chiari. The tinnitus should be assessed by ENT with hearing test. The nausea if it is exertional may be a sign of vertigo or due to the chiari if associated with a headache. I agree you need some workup to tease things out.

How common is it to have an arachnoid cyst and a chiari 1 malformation at the same time?

3% in 1 study. One study* found arnold-chiari type 1 malformation in 2 out of the 67 children w arachnoid cysts. Study was small; actual number could be different, also could be differences amongst different populations. *pascual-castroviejo i, et al "primary intracranial arachnoidal cysts. A study of 67 childhood cases." childs nerv syst. 1991;7 (5):257.
Uncommon. The two conditions do not have any direct connection in most patients.

I have a chiari 1 malformation, and an arachnoid cyst, how do I know if I am a candidate for surgery?

See a neurosurgeon. A well trained neurosurgeon can evaluate you, correlate your symptoms with the MRI appearance of the chiari, and decide whether surgery would be safe and effective to relieve your symptoms. Not all chiari malformations need surgery.
Depends on symptoms. If the chiari 1 is symptomatic, then surgical treatment should be considered. The same goes for the arachnoid cyst - where exactly is it and is it causing symptoms? Both conditions can be "incidental-omas" and need no treatment.
See a neurosurgeon. Depending on the location of the arachnoid cyst and the degree of cerebellar tonsilar ectopia from your chiari, you may well be a surgical candidate. Posterior fossa arachnoid cysts are a common cause of secondary chiari malformations (if the cyst is large enough to create increased pressure, it can push the bottom of the cerebellum through the foramen magnum, causing the chiari). See neurosurgeo.

I have an arachnoid cyst and a chiari 1 malformation. I know it depends on the person but how likely is it that I will need surgery?

Will try to get info. I will try to get more information on this for you from our neurosurgeons on healthtap. Please be patient. Many are literally still in the or> thanks for your question.
Only eval will tell. The only way to know if you'll need surgery is your exam by a neurosurgeon who does chiari decompressions. He will thoroughly evaluate your clinical symptoms, physical symptoms, MRI findings and base his opinion on those findings. Most arachnoid cysts do not require surgery as they are present from the beginning of your brain development. See a neurosurgeon and good luck!
See below. Again the answer will vary depending on the patient, but here goes. If the arachnoid cyst is not growing or causing any pressure problems, it can probably just be watched. If the chiari malformation is not causing problems it too can just be watched. If the headaches, or other symptoms, get worse then consult your neurosurgeon. Good luck.

I have a dizziness, tinitus, and nausea from an arachnoid cyst and a chiari 1 malformation. Is there medicine that can help this?

Spironolactone. Sometimes spironolactone helps.
Are you sure? Did your neurosurgeon or neurologist diagnose the arachnoid cyst as the cause of your dizziness and tinnitus? If not, you may want their opinion as to whether this is really the cause of your symptoms.

I have an arachnoid cyst snd chiari malformation type 1. Is there a certain way to sleep or a food to avoid so I don't get the tinitus?

None Known. I do not believe there is really a "positional" cure.
No. Tinitus will having nothing to do with diet or sleeping habits. If you are otherwise doing well, neither of these conditions needs any real treatment. That is, they are incidental findings. If you are having headaches, incoordination, or neck stiffness you should see your doctor and probably a neurologic specialist.

Went for MRI last year for tinnitus and found out I have arachnoid cyst and chiari malformation recently have worsening tinnitus blurry vision, why?

Blurred vision &, . less commonly, tinnitus, can be symptoms of a Chiari Type I from the cerebellar tonsils' causing pressure on the brainstem &/or spinal cord or blocking flow of CSF. Arachnoid cysts may have no symptoms or may cause pressure on the parts of the brain they overlie, especially if there is an increase in size of the fluid-filled sac. Thorough medical & neurological re-evaluations are warranted.

I have dizzyness and nausea with ringing in my ear and a arachnoid cyst and chiari 1 malformation will I need surgery?  

Rule out causes. You must first rule out other causes of these symptoms as the finding of an arachnoid cyst and a chiari does not neccesarily mean that these symptoms are due to them. Depending n your age, I would recommend evaluation by a pediatric or adult neurosurgeon with board certification (www. Abns. Org). They should be able to help you sort out whether surgery will be of any help.
Not necessarily. The dizziness and nausea are not really classic symptoms of a chiari malformation nor arachnoid cyst. But this opinion would really need to be given by a neurosurgeon who is also reviewing your MRI of your brain. See a local neurosurgeon for a full evaluation and surgical opinion.

I have a arachnoid cyst and chiari 1 malformation with constant ringing in my ear and sometimes dizziness and nausea? Are these severe symptoms?

Concerning symptoms. Hi amorebella, perhaps you know my daughter arielle who went to university of buffalo med school, and is now a neurology resident at nyu. I'll ask her if she wants to get on the panel, but time.... Anyway, I've had a patient similar to what you have who had the arachnoid cyst removed neurosurgically, and is doing fine. Suggest a neurology/neurosurgical second opinion, presuming u had first one.
Neuro consult. Either or both, a neurologist or nuerosurgeon should be consulted. I would recommend going to a facility/institiution that is known for diagnosing and treating this, example johns hopkins or mayo clinic-you get the picture. Its possible you might not need surgery.