I have many chronic conditions. Lupus, spinal stenosis, djd, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease. My husband doesn't understand my pain. Any ideas?

Go to doc with you. Have your husband attend your appointments with you. Ask the physician, physical therapist, etc. To explain the nature of the conditions to your husband, including the associated pain and toll it takes on you physically and mentally. Seeing a marriage counselor/psychologist could also be helpful.
Support groups. Relatives ; friends of #fibromyalgia (fm) sufferers ; who emote doubtfullness about degree of suffering should review comments of those who post on support group sites. Reading these first-hand reports imparts dramatic ; disturbing attention to the generous degrees of pain ; devastation that are a constant companion of fm sufferers.
Function scale. Search the internet for a functional activities of daily living scale; that is a pencil and paper test that cataloges you functional level.Have him help you compete and score it. You, can keep track of your levels and improvements and set goals of expectations. Make him part of your treatment plan. People have trouble understanding pain, but the can help you track your functional level.