Hi 86- to 90 BPM heart rate  for a 26 year old smoking man?!? Is it normal?!?  

Normal Heart Rate. The ideal range for adult heart rate is 60-100 BPM as long as it is a regular rhythm, that is all beats are evenly spaced. If you are feeling pain, palpitations, shortness of breath or discomfort you should consult a doctor. Smoking will cause lung, heart and blood vessel damage and effect your body's ability to take in and transport oxygen, & also increase your heart rate & blood pressure.
Hi Pulse . Yes that's a bit high; your rate should be around 72. That's said normal is considered between 60 -100/ minute. That said i've never seen very many people that seem normal that didn't have a rate below 80. Smoking probably doesn't have a lot to do with it but it's not good that you smoke. I would get evaluated , it can be anything where from something emotional to something physical. Good luck.