Can osteopenia be reversed, as I'm taking calcium, vitamin d and doing more exercises... I don't want to have this in my spine! ?

Yes, it is possible. Osteopenia is decreased density of the bones, it is the precursor to osteoporosis. It is most commonly due to decreased estrogen present in women who have gone through menopause. Being thin, a smoker or Asian are some risk factors. Calcium and vitamin d supplementation along with weight bearing exercise will help improve the density, and therefore the strength, in all spine and other bones.
Yes. Of course this depends on what is causing your osteopenia. Osteopenia and osteoporosis are similar conditions. The cause may be related to parathyroid gland function, vitamin d metabolism or other factors. You will need an evaluation by your doctor to sort this out. The treatment will be determined by the cause.
Yes. Osteopenia may be reversed but just doing calcium and vitamin d may or may not be enough need to have bone density measurments to determine progression or recovery and get your vitamin d levels monitored so you can be sure you normalize these levels. Hormone replacement may help. If no benefit from what you are doing multiple appropriate treatment are avilable to restore normal bone density.
Keep it up . You should do as you have been, but if a repeat bone density test does not show improvement then have your doctor prescribe a bisphosphonate such as fosamax (alendronate).

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