What can I do to prevent ovarian cysts?

Birth control pills. Oral contraceptives prevent ovulation therefore they prevent cyst formation. It does not, however, make the cysts already present go away. Those cysts will resolve on their own.
OCPs. Birth control pills can help as well as pregnancy. Losing weight if you are overweight will also help.

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Can you tell me how to prevent an ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cysts. The use of oral contraceptives offer protection from the majority of ovarian cysts, secondary to supression of hormonal activity in the pituitary gland, which makes the ovary not produce eggs, but essentially stops cyst formation as well. This should be discussed with your health care professional, as your history and family history may play a major role in the decision to use this therapy.
Hormones. BCP can stop cysts from forming while you take them.

How can I prevent a recurrence of my ovarian cyst?

Bc pills. It depends on what type of cyst you had, but getting on birth control pills can prevent ovarian cyst formation.
Birth control pills. Small cysts develop every month during ovulation, and sometimes these normal cysts become excessively large or bleed, resulting in pain and possibly requiring surgery. Birth control pills prevent ovulation and so prevent this type of cyst. They may also help discourage new endometriomas. However, some cysts, like dermoids, do not depend on ovulation for recurrence.

Is there any way to prevent getting an ovarian cyst?

Ovarian follicles. Many ovarian follicles or cysts are normal. This is where a egg is released from during ovulation. A follicle needs to grow to about 2 CM for a mature egg to be released. Sometimes a cyst can burst or bleed and this may cause sudden onset of pain.
Healthy diet. A healthy diet is likely to prevent ovarian systs, though there is little research to support it. Common advice is to avoid sugar and simple carbs, emphasize fruits & vegies, esp. Dark leafy greens, & minimize meats, dairy, &eggs, esp. If not organic (to avoid hormones & antibiotics in meats). Some advise an alkaline diet & foods rich in phytoestrogens. See my comments for more information & links:.

How do ovarian cysts form? Andhow can I prevent them? How do they go away? How often do they occur?

Ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are extremely common and can be due to many different issues. Most are benign. A large cyst can increase the incidence of ovarian torsion. Common cysts arise from endometriosis, dermoids and hemorrhagic copora luteals cysts. There is no sure fire way to prevent these. See your doctor for more info.