My sister has this persistent"small blood vessel vasculitis" for last3 weeks and despite steroids, no better. Any help?

Diagnosis. What is exact diagnosis? Small vessel vasculitis is a general term.
Small vessel disease. Inflammation of small vessels may be limited and confined to the skin or generalised and effect vital organs. There are a number of causes such as anca positve or negative, hepatitis c, or an underliying autoimmune disease or even lymphoma or tumor determining the likely cause helps direct the best course of treatment.

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Small blood vessel vasculitis, not receding with topial/oral steroids or colchicine. Never had history of vasculitis. Any help?

? spider vein. What is the location, is it localized, size. This may simply be a dilated superficial vessel that may be treated with laser or certain injections.
Very serious. Vasculitis can be vey serious or even fatal if not treated promptly and correctly. Small and medium size vessel vasculitis such as wegeners disease can cause strokes, and death! Need to see a rheumatologist!

Diagnosed central mucoepidermoid carcinoma n underwent radio years ago, non metastatic. Now small blood vessel vasculitis, all over. Any connection?

Yes, direct. Vasculitis is one of the common consequences of radiation therapy. New therapy involving fat grafts have developed with excellent improvement of vasculitis and dermatitis. See the work of dr rigotti.
Yes. Neoplasms can increase vascularity. You need an exam.