My 6 months old is refusing to take his bottle. He is eating very little. What can I do? He is not teething.

Primary Care. Babies will not feed for a number of reasons. If there is nasal congestion a baby will not typically desire to feed as much b/c he or she has difficulty breathing while feeding. Bulb suctioning can help if this is the case. In general, babies up to 36 months are more prone to serious infections, and if there is any question you should seek primary care evaluation.
Breast feed. Breast feeding is best not only because it is the food nature designed for your baby and no human made formula will ever come close. Also breast feeding is crucial for proper upped jaw development.
Baby won't starve. This has nothing to do with teething. Just having a grandchild who just turned one who is on the small size 14 lbs. I have seen that she will never starve her self, she will eat when she wants. However I would have her checked out by a pediatric GI doctor to make sure she has no obstructions, or allergies to foods.