I have si joint dysfunction. Am doing injections and pt for it. Is there a permanet way to get rid of the pain so a can stop taking narcartics for it?

SI joint dysfunction. It depends on the cause. Some cases are related to formed of arhthritis. Some are due to posture or trauma. You may wished to be checked by someone certified in prolotherapy. Look that up on the net and discuss it with your health provider.
Maybe. Pt to work on pelvic stabilizing muscles will often work, and an injection can help with acute flares. A more lasting solution that some pain docs are doing involves "burning" or ablating the nerves that supply the si joint.
Potentially. There is the possibility of performing an si joint fusion when the pain is not responsive to conservative, non-operative measures.I personally do not perform this procedure as there is limitied data to support it, ; however, there have been many anecdotal cases of good to excellent results.