Does vagina itch or burn if a person has hpv, gonorrhea and chlymidia?

It could. Vaginal itching and burning could absolutely be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should consider making a doctor's appointment for std testing.
Unlikely. Most of the time no, they are asymptomatic most of the time. Gonorrhea may give PID or pelvic inflammatory disease or some discharge. Chlamidia and gonnorrea may produce infertility. Hpv may cause warts and cervical cancer.

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While treating gonorrhea I had protected sex now the medications are finish my vagina itches and is swollen, ....what do I do?

Itch. Need to be reevaluated because you could potentially have a secondary infection such as yeast or bacterial. Start probiotics as well. Also need a test of cure for your treatment time. . Read more...

Why does my vagina itch and burn after ovlation?

See yoru doctor. Suggest seeing a live doctor about this: itching and burning, especially if frequent, is not normal. Read more...

Why does my vagina itch &burn after I pee & bathe?

Irritation. It could be urethral irritation from whatever soaps you're using in the bath. But infections can also cause what you're describing. Your doctor will likely do a simple urine test and possibly a std test if you're sexually active. They might also look for signs of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Best of luck to you. Read more...