How long do I have to wait to conceive after a c-section?

Pregnancy. There is no hard and fast rule when you should conceive after a c section. However, i agree with what has been written here regarding the issue. It just gives yourself more time for recovery and healing. You will also be able to bond better with your baby by waiting . Some patients have gotten pregnant immediately after a cs without complications. Generally, it is better to wait.
18 months. After having a cesarean, it's best to wait 18 months before becoming pregnant again to allow your uterus to heal maximally. A shorter inter-pregnancy interval has been associated with increased risk of uterine rupture in the subsequent pregnancy. Getting pregnant quickly can also increase the risk of preterm birth and a newborn who is small for gestational age.
Waiting to concieve. In general, i recommend waiting at least 12-18 months after a c-section before attempting pregnancy again. This gives your body, uterus, time to heal.

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How long do I have to wait to conceive after a c-section and still birth?

6-8 weeks. Your body should technically be healed from the surgery in 6-8 weeks. Make sure you have emotionally and spiritually healed from your loss, which usually takes longer. Some research shows that spacing your pregnancies out to 2-3 years is better for the mother and child. That may not be practical in situations of loss or older prospective moms. Read more...
Several answers. We usually think it takes about 6 weeks to complete the postpartum time to normal. So, then you could try again. Some studies suggest that waiting a year may improve the pregnancy outcome but if you are older, then your fertility is lower. I have just given you a range of 6 wks to 1 year. I suggest a discussion with your physician to decide what time works best for you. Sorry about loss :(. Read more...