What causes eyelids to have a twitch. Almost as if it were muscle twitches?

Cause is not known. Trembling of an eyelid, which happens in normal people, is called myokymia (an involuntary, spontaneous, quivering of a few muscle cell bundles within a muscle). Myokymia starts and stops spontaneously. In the eyelids, it can last a few minutes to a few days. One should see an ophthalmologist (md eye doctor) if such symptoms persist, keep recurring, or are combined with any other symptoms.
Fatigue, stress. The technical term is "myokymia, it frequently involves the eyelid muscles that attach to the skin. It is usually a self limiting process. It can be associated with stress and caffeine consumption.
Stress. You are describing myokymia - an involuntary twitching of the skin around the eyelids. It's believed to be related to lack of sleep, stress, and caffeine use. Change these risk factors and it should abate.
Eyelid muscle spasm. The orbicularis muscle is a circular muscle beneath the eyelid skin that enables the eyelids to blink and close. When the delicate nerve fibers responsible for stimulating the orbicularis muscle to contract become irritable, this can result in a transient involuntary localized twitch (myokymia), or this may be due to a condition known as blepharospasm (eyelids only) or hemifacial spasm (lid/face).

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