Hey doc I'm wondering what is the fastest possible way to overcome social anxiety disorder?

Hard work! With cbt and medication if necessary you can overcome social anxiety. It takes a lot of persistence and hard work, but it can be done.
Cyclothymia. Is a mood disorder, a milder form of bipolar disorder where you experience mood changes (highs & lows) for at least 2 years (at least 1 year if child/adolescent).
Mood Disorders. According to the diagnostic & statistical manual of mental disorders, mood disorders are classified as either major depression, bipolar disorders, organic mood disorders, or substance-induced mood disorders.
Listlessness. Another term for fatigue, which can be physical (muscle ache or weakness) or mental (such as being sleepy or lacking attention).
Body image. Is feelings of aesthetics & sexual attractiveness of one's own body.
See U PCP for medic. Or see. Therapist, to help u w u social anxiety.
Fastest? Fastest would require medication in the ssri class if frequent episodes, or a mild benzodiazepine if infrequent; best would require combination medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.
Delusion. Is false belief, held with strong conviction, inspite of evidence to the contrary. Main criteria for diagnosis are; certainty, incorrigibility, & falsity of content.
Sedative. Is a substance that induces sedation by reducing irritability or excitement. Also called a tranquilizer. Examples are barbiturates, benzodiazepines, herbal sedatives, such as kava & valerian, hypnotics, & antihistamines.
Sleep deprivation. Not having enough sleep. If chronic, it can cause fatigue, excess daytime sleepiness, clumsiness.
Depersonalization. Is abnormal self awareness, consisting of a feeling of oneself act while having no control over a situation. They feel they have changed, & the world has become vague or dream-like or unreal or lacking significance, as if they are living in a dream.
Medical Marijuana. Use of the herb cannabis as a physician-recommended form of medicine (herbal therapy), or use of synthetic cannabinoids such as thc for same reason. Some uses include remedy for nausea/vomiting, in aids patients & ones on chemotherapy to stimulate hunger, in treating glaucoma, neurogenic pain, & spasticity in multiple sclerosis.
Marijuana abuse. Is maladaptive pattern of use of marijuana leading to clinically significant distress or impairment (work/school/home), recurrent use in hazardous situations, recurrent legal consequences, with use persisting inspite of such difficulties.
Aggression. Is hostile, forceful or attacking behavior, intended to cause harm or increase social dominance. It originated from the latin word meaning "attack". It can be physical or verbal.

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Please help docs! Is social anxiety disorder classed as a mental health disability?

Sorry no one has. Answered you for a while. Disabilities are determined using a variety of measures, not just a diagnosis. If you feel that your social anxiety is disabling you, speak with your local social sevice agency. They will do a thourough evaluation to determine whether you qualify for a disability.
Social anxiety. Social anxiety is common and does not have to be a diagnosable disorder. However, if social anxiety symptoms become so intrusive that they impair one's life than it could reach the level of being a diagnosable disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be helpful. If therapy does not work alone the symptoms can be relieved by adding appropriate medications. Seek the advice of a therapist.

I have social anxiety disorder and I need help. Doc wants me to do group therapy. Why?

Address pbm directly. Doc must find that it is most effective to work directly on the symptom of concern. Really the best and most efficient way to gauge progress. Medication might be helpful, but developing new skills and ability to apply them is the goal.
Double whammy. Gain insight & the process itself desensitized u 2 social situatons.
Exposure helps. Being in a group may elicit anxiety for you. In the group you will have the support of the therapist and other group members, some of whom may also suffer from social anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder? Is this mental sick? When is the time to see doctor or therapist? What's gonna happen there? Should I see primary doc first?

Social anxiety. A majority of people experience some anxiety or shyness in social situations. Anxiety becomes problematic when it interferes with one's ability to manage day to day life - work, family, things you believe are important. Anxiety is treatable and does not mean one is mentally sick - it is a physiological and and behavioral condition. Ok to see primary care to begin evaluation and discuss options.

How do I overcome social anxiety disorder and bring humor back into my life?

Great Question. Put yourself in social situations that you enjoy. Some people do better in quieter social settings. Also depression can worsen social anxiety. It's always good to seek a psychiatric evaluation so you can understand why you're anxious and what has led to the loss of humor in your life. Counseling and sometimes medication can help. Hope this answer helps.

How to overcome the frozen smile symptom of social anxiety disorder?

The answer is not.. about the smile. Its about the dynamic of underlying tension fearing disapproval and not feeling able control it. You have to understand how anxiety works before you can modify its symptoms. Here's a reference to start: http//:www. Psychologyproductsandservices. Com/page2.html.

How do I overcome my social anxiety disorder??

CBT psychotherapy. A very effective strategy for this condition is targeted psychotherapy. I'd try it before adding medication, but even if you also use a drug - learning skills can improve many parts of life and enrich your experiences overall. The therapist can refer for Rx as needed. Best wishes!
Behavioral Options. See this page anxiety disorders assn of bc which contains educational ; self-help tools (incl. A video) for managing ; even overcoming social anxiety: http://www. Anxietybc. Com/resources/social. Php effective treatment for social anxiety will involve putting yourself in feared social situations, going from ones you fear only a little to others you fear a lot. A cbt expert coach can be big help!
CBT. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help immensely with learning to manage anxiety. Consult with a psychologist here on HealthTap or in your community to start the process of developing healthy coping strategies.

How to overcome the itchy eye symptoms of social anxiety disorder?

Anxiety symptoms. If you believe the itchy eyes are caused by the anxiety, the long term solution is to address the cause of the anxiety. I have a great explanation of how what seemed like small stressors can produce bigger symptoms over time. Social anxiety is usually caused by being barraged by criticism, verbal abuse, bullying etc. EMDR is an extremely effective trauma therapy that can really turn around the pro.

What is a good way to get over social anxiety disorder?

Desensitization. Start regularly socializing with small, and I mean small groups of people you know personally in a variety of social situations, and slowly increase the number of friends. Then, slowly have your friends invite people you may not know personally, just one or two to start with, and increase the numbers of known and unknown people over time. Should the anxiety spike, stick with smaller mixed groups o.