I have a chiari 1 malformation. Should I be worried? I have been asked to see a neuro surgeon?

Don't worry. I'm not sure how you found out about your chiari malformation but there's not much to worry about. Your neurosurgeon will examine you and look at your mri. He will make recommendations to you based on your symptoms, exam, and MRI findings. If he recommends surgery, feel confident that it will go well and ask questions to ease your mind. Most chiari's don't require surgery.
Don't worry. Chiari malformations are graded 1-4 with 4 being the most severe. Thankfully, 1 is the most common and rarely fatal. Although usually occurs without symptoms, you may be asked to see a neurosurgeon once symptoms develop for evaluation and possible surgery.
No. Chiari 1 malformation is quite common and most commonly asymptomatic. However, it can cause symptoms, and if they are persistent or disabling, surgery may be required and can usually relieve the symptoms. This is rarely a serious condition, but evaluation by a neurosurgeon is appropriate.