How do you know if your bipolar?

Psychiatrist. You need a thorough evaluation by a psychiatrist for the diagnosis and to determine the appropriate treatment strategies that will typical utilize a combination of counseling and medications.
Evaluation Needed. The diagnosis of bipolar disorder depends on the presence of a variety of signs and other characteristics. These include sudden and significant mood swings which involved both symptoms of depression as well as periods of more extreme hyperactivity, impulsivity, and risky behavior. This diagnosis is best made through your interaction with a mental health professional.

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How do you know if your child is bipolar or is just a problem kid?

INVESTIGATE. How old is the child? How long has the behavior been a problem? What is happening inthe child's environment? These and many other questions must be answered before a doctor has an understanding of the problem. Since a child may be reacting to the environment, be bipolar, have adhd, or many other problems diagnosis comes first, then treatment which may include the family out of necessity. Read more...
Maybe its not but.. If your child is having major rages, aggression and rapid mood changed multiple times per day, then have your pediatrician refer you to a child psychiatrist. Make sure that you research if the child psychiatrist has experience with the diagnosis and has actually had many such case under treatment. There are many who shy away. If less aggressive, referral to therapist with expertise in the area. . Read more...