I have a lump on my left rib cage plus have iregular heart beats and if I eat too much its hard to breath?

Lump on ribs. Hard to know. Go see a dr. We can only especulate. One possibility is gastroparesis with dilatation of stomach, another enlarged heart with prominent apex?. Irregular heart beat needs to be clarified; is it pvcs or atrial fibrillation. Need ekg or holter monitor. Lump on chest rib cage needs to be seen, and probably x rayed.
Unrelated. It's hard to put all 3 of those symptoms together into one neat package but they all need to be addressed. You need a checkup with your family doc!
Your past inllness? Please tell me about your past illness, if your get apnea after you eat too much depend on your health condition. A lump on rib cage needs a x-ray exam and to consult a surgeon.