Is prp a cure for dark cicle around eyes?

No one knows. Prp (platelet rich plasma) is a wonderful treatment for aging skin. I believe there is so much we can do with this product. I am willing to try this for dark circles but if the dark circles are related to allergies, I am sure until the underlying problem is resolved the dark circles will remain.
Possible. I have had years of great results diminishing dark circles around the eyes with prp. Prp will most likely help every patient. Whether it will cure it or not, depends on the reason why that patient has dark circles in the first place.
Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP or platelet rich plasma injection is very effective for a number of indications. These include facial rejuvenation, hair regrowth, sexual rejuvenation, healing musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis, and more. PRP will help with dark circles under the eyes as it increases circulation and blood vessel formation to clear the pigments away.
No. Prp is a laser procedure that is usually used to help when a pt has bad diabetes in the eye and will do nothing to help with circles under your eyes. Dark circles tend to be age related or secondary to genetics. You can try cold compresses or otc facial cream but usually some form of lid surgery is needed to get rid of the dark circles. See an ophthalmoplastics dr.