I'm currently experiencing insomnia have had it for the past 2 nights. What are some main options for fixing this? I have made sure to avoid caffeine.

Stressed? Changes in patterns lately? Stress re: work, family, $, etc.? Meds including cold/sinus rx? Chocolate (caffeine-like substances)? Alcohol? Eating too much, too late? Too much exercise, social networking/computer time/tv, etc? Start w/ sleep hygiene -2 things in bed: sleep, sex; no reading, tv, computer in bed. Warm bath may help, avoid energizing stuff b4 bed dark room progressive relax exercise.
Sleep Hygeine. -exercise in the morning, preferably outside. -don't exercise after 5pm. -don't drink anything with caffeine after 11 am. -avoid having the tv on when trying to sleep -the bedroom should be dark and quiet. -stay away from bright light after 9pm (such as smartphones, tablet pc's/ipads, computer screens. -avoid alcohol (if you have trouble, then talk with your general doctor or psychiatrist).

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