Just noticed my big toe is numb is it cause it fell asleep? An as of last phyical last year I'm border line diabetic

Neuropathy. It is possible to get small nerve fiber disease prior to an official diagnosis of diabetes. May be wise to have an epidermal nerve fiber density test performed. A podiatrist can perform. I would also be interested in knowing if you have any history of low back pain as this can cause the numbness in the big toe.
A few possibilities. Numbness from high sugars or diabetes is definitely high on the list based on your past history. Checking your glucose/sugar again would help determine if this numbness has anything to do with that. Peripheral nerve damage, vitamin deficiency are also possibilities causing the numb toe as well as it "just falling asleep". So the most important thing to do is to get checked by a primary physician.
Most. Likely the sensory nerve on the top of the foot was injured. This can happen from a shoe. I doubt one toe would be from diabetes.
Pinching of nerve. To receive an answer that will be more helpful, you need to give more information...Your health status, any problems such as gout, diabetes or blood pressure concerns. You should state how long it has been a problem and what you do to make it feel better. Also tells us what it looks like. Is it discolored, swollen or point tender. The more you tell the better the answer.