My daughter is 3 and at 1 she was diagnosed w/eczema and atopic dermatitis. Her scalp after bath w/itchy & flakey like dandruff. Nothing wrks, help! ?

Eczema=atopic. Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is in the same family of conditions as allergies and asthma. It can't be cured but usually can be controlled. It's best managed by using a sensitive skin cleanser, baths every other day, and using a sensitive skin lotion at least 3 times daily, even when the rash isn't there. Cortisone ointment helps, too. If doing this doesn't help enough, she should see her doctor.
Itchy scalp. Eczema can be difficult and requires very consistent treatment. Be sure you are not washing her hair every night, as this dries it out and can actually make things worse. You also want to avoid washing the scalp too harshly when you do wash her hair (no more than twice a week). You can use sensitive skin shampoos or deep conditioning treatments. Sometimes medical shampoos are required.