Is a 6.3 A1c borderline for diabetes?

5.7-6.4. Is pre-diabetes or an opportunity to change and prevent diabetes. What can you do? Eat smart: good portions, whole grains, fruits & veggies. Get moving 60 minutes every day.
Diabetes/Prediabetes. Yes, but more importantly it is a screaming alarm for you to make dramatic lifestyle changes. Diabetes Type 2 is a lifestyle disease. Consider yourself at a crossroads. If you do not make dramatic and lasting lifestyle changes, you will get diabetes type 2. You need daily exercise, low glycemic nutrient-rich food, stress management, and supplementation with things that help with insulin metab.
Prediabetes. Normal HBA1C is 4.2-5.6 prediabetes is 5.7-6.4 diabetes is 6.5 or higher Watch sugars and carbs and get regular exercise to reduce your HBA1C.
Yes. Hi. Yes, if you're not diagnosed with diabetes, and the A1c was done for diagnostic purposes, that would be in the "pre diabetes" diagnostic category. Eat healthily and exercise regularly for life! Have blood pressure & cholesterol problems addressed. Good luck!