Is itching in female gential area every now then a sign of yeast infection there is no discharge?

Maybe but. Vaginal itching and in the surrounding area called the vulva can be a sign of a yeast infection in the skin. If it happening from time to time that is not likely. Simple heat & sweating are the most common cause of occassional genital itching. Herpes can present as itching which comes and goes. Allergic reactions to houselhold products can too.
Possibly. Lots of possible causes to genital itching, a yeast infection being a common cause. Can't say with certainty your specific cause so it's best to see your doctor to make certain of the diagnosis.

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Goodnight if you had unprotected intercourse and one week later you contract an infection that itches, but no discharge could it be an yeast infection?

Yes, and maybe more- See your doctor to have the appropriate tests done - though certain sexually transmitted infections(sti's) can present with discharge( eg. Gonorrhea, chlamydia), one can still "atypically" present with these two sti's. With unprotected sex, one must also consider other infections such as herpes ( hsv-2 especially), hiv, and syphilis depending on the discussion you will have with your doctor. Read more...