Can you tell me how to deal with acute form of seborrhoeic dermatitis on my scalp (it's a skin disorder)?

Seb derm. Some have tried olive oil to loosen the thick scales and then wash out with an anti dandruff shampoo such as neutrogena t sal . A dermatologist will sometimes prescribe topical antifungal shampoos and corticosteroid lotions in some cases.

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Scalp redness, in which builds up of dead skin that feels like small bumps. Tried eczema shampoos and seborrhoeic dermatitis shampoos. Is it dryscalp?

Its NOT eczema. I think you have PSORIASIS from the way you describe your scalp. See a Dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis since the treatment is different. In the meantime you can try SELSUN Shampoo (OTC) Be Well. Read more...

After stress and a flu my skin became very dry, my scalp is dry, less hair. But no rush or dandruff. Is it Dry Seborrhoeic Dermatitis? How to treat?

Stress / cortisone. Whenever the body is stressed (whether it's a physical stress like the flu, or it's a psychological stress) cortisol is released. Stress hormones like cortisol can affect the body's hair cycles (in the most noticeable form this is called telogen effluvium). Unless you can cure stress, there's nothing you can do to prevent it or treat it! Nothing to worry about though. Read more...