Is it normal for my hand to swell up 48 hours after a mid-forearm injury?

Swelling. Swelling commonly occurs further down the extremity from an injury. Elevating the extremity can help, as can gentle movement of the hand and fingers--this will help to squeeze the fluid from the extremity. Swelling of the hand is common after an upper extremity injury.
Get it checked out. How serious of a forearm injury? What treatment 2 the injury? Rice, rest ice compression and elevation should help decrease swelling not increase. Unless the ace wrap is too tight. Loosen the wrap and move your fingers and hand to pump the fluid back 2 hart. Worst case would be a clot in the forearm from the initial injury blocking blood return from the hand. This is bad. Go to the er!
Depends. It depends on the type and severity of injury. If there is a lot of swelling in the forearm, this may impair venous return from the hand and cause swelling. This will be worsened if you are not careful to elevate the injured parts above the level of your heart for 48-72 hrs. If the swelling is associated with severe pain or numbness, or if it persists, you should see a hand specialist.