Can taking about 9 laxatives a day make you lose weight?

NO...Dangerous. Taking that many laxatives is very dangerous. They can make you dehydrated, mess up your electrolytes which can cause heart problems, & make you dependent on using them to get a bowel movement. Laxatives work on your colon, not your small intestine where your food (calories) are absorbed. The only weight you would lose is from water (you want to keep that!) & stool.
Not recommended. You'll loose water weight which is not an effective long term weight loss solution. It can also cause serious electrolyte abnormalities. Talk with your doctor about healthier ways to loose weight.
Don't do it! This is an unhealthy way to attempt to lose weight. Please see your doctor. You may have an eating disorder or other issues that need to be addressed and dealt with. Weight loss can be handled in a safer and better way. This is considered dangerous and not a recommended medical way to deal with your problem. Please get seen, diagnosed and treated.