My 7 yr old has been going to a chiropractor to help have more frequemt bowel movements. What r your thoughts?

Stop. I would not begrudge you your chiropractic experience; but there is no supportive evidence that I know of to back up the chiropractor and increasing bowel frequency. If there is a true GI issue here you should first start with your childs' pediatrician and proceed from there.
Waste of Time. Usually a simple dietary adjustment will work where a chiropractic adjustment is a waste of money for this problem.
Frustration time. I suppose you have tried several things recommended by his/her doc with limited benefit to reach out to a chiropractor. This is a common but often mishandled problem by many. I would find a developmental pediatrician or a pedi GI person with a support team. These can take a year to fix with the right plan. Most fail because they don't understand why it happens and quit treatment too soon.
Second opinion. If your child is going more than 3-4 days or longer between bowel movements, I would seek the advice of a pediatic gastroenterologist.