My wife squirts what I think is pee when she has an orgasm. What does this mean? And and is it heathy or normal?

Normal. This occurs in some women and is often known as female ejaculation. It is a harmless and healthy phenomenon, although it has only been seriously studied scientifically for about the last decade. What is in the liquid is still not entirely known, although it does not appear to be urine or at least entirely urine and is thought to be secreted by glands surrounding the urethra rather than the bladder.
Yes. Females can have ejaculation just like men. There is nothing to worry about here. And the female genitalia has the urethra right above the vagina. That is where enuresis occurs. Men have one hole for both. Women have two. She is normal!
Perfectly normal. Many women suirt some urine when they orgasm. Many men find this quite exciting. It is also perfectly healthy and worth accomodating. Good luck.