I want to know what the future holds for a child with Down syndrome and ventricular septal defect?

Varies. As one of the less complex heart defects in ds this is usually amenable to the same repair procedures as any other kid with a vsd.After repair, it does not have a significant impact on the ds projected lifespan of >60 yrs.
Peds. Cardiologist. This depends on the size and type of vsd and other concomitant factors and diagnoses. These are important questions for the child's pediatric cardiologist to answer.

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What will be done for a? Child with Down syndrome and ventricular septal defect?

Repair the defect . The approach to and reasons for repair for a ds kid is the same as for any other. The projected lifespan of a ds child with proper medical care for their main problems is >60 years. With holding care from such a child would violate federal "baby doe" statutes and place the licenses of any personnel involved at risk. Child & family services of the involved state would also become involved. Read more...