Can a new born baby survive with out small intestines?

No. The small bowel is needed for human life. No human can live for very long without the small bowel, because there is no way to finish digesting the food and absorb the nutrients. It is not ethical to be hooked up to an IV for nutrients forever.
Sm. bowel transplant. The small intestine is essential for absorption of nutrients. Lifelong replacement of this nutrition by vein is impractical due to problems such as infection, venous scarring + damage to the liver. Though experimental, small bowel transplants can be performed. This would be a tough decision to make for a small baby. Ethical dilemmas require careful thought, counseling + family support.
No. Small intestines are required to absorb nutrients essential for survival.There are some illnesses in newborns that may lead to the need for small intestine surgery; a significant amount of the small intestine can be removed requiring short-term IV nutritional supplementation and long-term nutritional consequences, yet the remaining small intestine can accommodate this loss much better at this age.