How to make my metabolism faster?

Exercise. This is a common question about weight loss and there are a million silly products sold on the premise of "boosting metabolism." this would be an attractive idea- who wouldn't want to eat the same or more and exercise less and lose weight but sadly there are no miracle metabolism boosters. Increasing muscle mass through weight training, burning calories through exercise and sleeping well are key.
Eat small meals. It has been shown that eating smaller meal spaced throughout the day can improve metabolism, so can exercising regularly. The meals should be a balanced mix of protein, carbs and fats.
Metabolism. While spicy foods may help boost metabolism slightly, there are key changes that help. First an foremost, exercise. Exercising regularly will keep your metabolism up. Secondly, eating habits matter. Small, frequent meals are better than fewer and larger meals. Also, don't eat just before you go to bed. Of course, eating healthy is a huge bonus.
Get more muscles. Lose weight and get more muscles via a balanced diet with restricted calories, regular cardio and resistance exercises. Building up your muscles would be the single most important factor in improving metabolism as they burn a lot more calories than your fat. Resistance/strength training is critical if you want to improve metabolism and lose weight.
Exercise. Exercise, daily. Consistent exercise will improve metabolism. Just check with doctor which program is right for you, and that there isnt medical issue like thyroid slowing down metabolism.

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How can I make my metabolism faster so I can lose weight?

Nutrient dense foods. Eat foods that are nutrient dense (like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, low starch vegatables and water) avoid foods that are not nutrient dense (like starches and sugars, including fruit) nutrient dense foods will increase your basal metabolic rate. On the other hand, starches and sugars impair thyroid metabolism via affects on your liver (which helps activate thyroid hormone).

How can I make my metabolism faster? All I drink literally is ice cold water does that help?

Ice water no help. I assume your goal is weight loss. Drinking ice water doesn't help. Sadly, only the old standards work: increased exercise and reduced caloric intake.
Exercise. Lillian, the best way to raise your resting metabolism is to do moderate exercise. Don't forget weight training. Recent research has shown that moderate exercise raises your resting metabolism for 24-36 hours. Also, since muscle is more metabolically active than other body tissues, the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolism will be. Hope this helps!
No. Drinking ice water won't help, though staying hydrated is a good idea. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so weight training and building muscle can boost your metabolism. In general, burning calories through aerobic exercise can also help. Eating frequent, smaller meals can trick your body into thinking it is temporarily in starvation mode which can boost metabolism. You Go Girl!
No. Ice cold water will not help. Consistent, aerobic exercise is currently still the most effective method to improve metabolic activity. If your goal is weight loss, be careful not to increase your caloric intake beyond the recommended amount for your health and age. A dietician or nutritionist could help with the details.