Is cod liver oil safe during the first trimester? I was taking it to moisturize my eyes after lasik. I am worry about the vitamin a intake.

See quote. "women in their reproductive years should be informed that the excessive use of vitamin a shortly before and during pregnancy could be harmful to their babies. The national research council's recommended dietary allowance for vitamin a during pregnancy is 1, 000 retinol equivalents (re)/day, equivalent to 3, 300 iu as retinol or 5, 000 iu of vitamin a obtained from the typical american diet ….
Tear supplementation. You will lubricate your eyes most effectively after lasik by increasing the volume of tears on the eye surface. This can be done in two ways: (1) by supplementing your own tears with the frequent application of preservative-free artificial tears, and (2) decreasing the outflow of tears from the surface of the eyes with the use of punctal plugs. Neither of these are risky during pregnancy.
Dry eyes after LASIK. I do not know if cod liver oil is safe during the first trimester. The best person to ask is your obstetrician. As a lasik surgeon, we suggest that use of flax seed oil which is not a problem when pregnant. The frequent use of lubricating tear drops and ointments at bed time will also help.
Ask your OB. I would stop the cod oil but if you want you could ask your obstetrician. Dry eye is very common. I would try artificial tears frequently during the day, ointment at night, warm compresses 1-2 times a day. If no improvement, see an eye doctor for other no systemic treatments (such as punctal plugs or others).