Is it safe for me to leave and. Sleep with my contacts in my eye for weeks? But I still put eye drops in my eye with contacts still in

Take Out Contacts. It is important for your eyes to get oxygen. Some contacts allow for air to pass through them to your eye while other do not. It is often suggested to remove your contacts at night regardless. Proteins & other substances can build up on your contacts & irritate your eyes or lead to infection. It is good to remove them to let them soak in cleaning solution. Most drops need to go on eyes to work.
Not safe at night. Even though some lenses are approved for continuous wear for one month at a time, the rate of corneal infections goes up tremendously by doing this. I see too many complications from overnight contact lens wear to ever recommend this as a regimen.
Contact Lenses. It is not a good idea to leave your contacts in for weeks at a time. Even with eye drops, this can prevent oxygen from getting to your eyes which can cause a host of problems. This may predispose you to more infections and/or corneal (outer part of the eye) damage.
Not a good idea. Would you wear the same underwear for two weeks without taking it off? The inside of the eyelid is a sort of buffing and cleaning machine. Every night while you sleep, it helps to clean up and heal the little injuries and tiny infections that happen to the cornea through the day. If you sleep with a piece of plastic in there, the lid can't do its job. I do not recommend sleeping in contacts.
No! Sleeping in your contacts greatly increases your risk of developing infection.