What are the chances of getting pregnant while on your period?

~10 % There are some umpredicable chances in the life of any woman that the ovulation may happen closer to the menstrual period (short preovulatory phase) and the fértile cervical mucus is not possible to observe because it is mixed with blood from the menstruacion. Statistically speaking during menstruation " most of the time" fertility is low, but never 100% infertile.

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Chances of getting pregnant while on your period?

Very low. During your period you are unlikely to be in your fertile period except if you have very long periods exceeding 12 days.
Back to School? No one in the world, no book in any health class would teach you that you get pregnant during menstruation. One gets pregnant during ovulation. Ovulation, the release of the readied egg by the ovary is when sperm cause pregnancy. You are not ovulating when you are menstruating. Perhaps you can spend ten minutes today learning the simple facts of how babies are made and when they are made.
Not suppose to. Period is a sign of failing a pregnancy. Your chances of getting pregnant is not there while you are on your period unless you have a 21 days menstrual cycle.

How much percentage of a chance do you have of getting pregnant while on your period?

Very low percentage. But anything is possible. The likelihood is very low as when you have a menstruation the hormones that are required for fetal implantation in the uterus are not there and therefore you shed which causes the bleeding.
You can get pregnant. While on your period you should still be careful, even though the chances of getting pregnant are significantly reduced.

What are the chances of getting pregnant still on Depo-Provera and being on your period and how long will you be on your period while on Depo-Provera

The. The chances of getting pregnant while on Depo-Provera is less than 1 percent regardless of wether or not you are on your period. Your period will vary. Some women get a very light period while others get a normal to heavy period with the number of days ranging from 3 to 7 days. Take care.

Whats the chance of getting pregnant on your period even if you used encare?

Period. Chance of getting pregnant on your period - if you are absolutely certain that the bleeding is 'your period' - are quite low.

Having sex on while on your period, what's the chance of getting pregnant?

How to get pregnant? One does not get pregnant during their menstrual cycle. Your whole cycle of fertility is centered on when the prepared egg is released by the ovary ready for sperm to impregnate it. This is called ovulation. Sperm deposited up to five days prior to ovulation are likely to cause pregnancy. Once ovulation is passed so is the risk for pregnancy and the uterus sloughs off the lining in a period....