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I get head makes then dizzy spells and see height spots that turn to black if I do not sit down will fall down what do that mean?

Lightheadedness. It sounds like lightheadedness or "presyncopal" episodes. In young women these are usually vasovagal reflexes, dehydration, or possibly related to your heartbeat. If it's a recurring or bothersome problem or if you ever faint, then go see PCP to examine you, check BP with tilt test, and get some baseline EKG and lab work.

I have dizzy spells nausea and sore head on left side?

Troubling. These are troubling symptoms that require further evaluation sooner rather than later. There could be a myriad of causes for these symptoms. They need to be viewed in light of a good history and physical exam. I would strongly suggest a visit to your family doc or er for a complete evaluation asap...
Could be serious. 42 year old female (or male), with onset of new headache, dizzy spells, nausea must be evaluated. If there is already a diagnosis of chronic headaches, or migraine that had been worked up in the past, then this may not be worrisome. That being said, even if chronic migraine present, a change in the pattern or frequency or type of ha needs a new eval. C your pcp and may refer u to neurologist.

I often get light headed when I stand up and have mild dizzy spells. I exercise 3x a week, eat circa 2k balanced cals a day. What could be causing it?

Dizzy spells. You may have orthostatic hypotension, i.e. When you go from one position to another you are doing it to rapidly and your blood supply can't get to your brain fast enough causing your dizziness. Go from one position to another more slowly.

Hi IV had operation on my egale sydrone but I get same feelin some time emence presure on head round ears dizzy spells wot should I do?

Re-contact Drs. The elongated Styloid process likely did trigger symptoms, which appear to have persisted. Now, breakup persistent issues with prophylactic medications. See your doctors and finish the sequence.

Headache has gotten worse today taken nurofen as only strongest pain relief I able to get. Had headaches 2months and getting several dizzy spells and tingly feeling face/head neck pain at the top?

Visit your doctor. Sounds like migraine headaches. A license doctor can perscribe a more effective analgesic than nurofen.
ER/UC. You must be examined, treated and get a CT scan of your brain. Cannot be diagnosed online.
See your PCP. Any headache must be viewed as a valid medical disorder and the headache assessment must be comprehensive. See your PCP for headache evaluation, tests and treatment options.

Pressure in left side of head last few days, also feel pressure on teeth in upper left jaw and some pain around left eye socket. A few dizzy spells too?

Pain and dizzyness. Could be dental (infection, TMJ dysfunction), or medical issues (ear infection, sinus infection, tumor, etc). There is no way to make a diagnosis without a clinical examination. Make an appointment to see your physician. If there are no medical issues, visit your dentist.