I had a septoplasty and nose polyp removal. I don't seem to feel any benefits. Is this typical? I honestly feel worse now than before.

See your specialist. Make sure you are doing everything your doctor told you to do. Make an appointment with the surgeon to discuss your symptoms and to get an exam. You may have some swelling in there.
See your surgeon. It may take a few months for you to notice full improvement after that kind of surgery. You should follow up with your surgeon to check that you are healing as expected.
Check airflow. Perhaps correcting the crooked septum and removing the polyps were not enough to give you adequate airflow. I assume that a blocked nose was the condition/problem for which you sought the help. Turbinates, numbering three within each nasal passage, can enlarge and cause problems. They contribute often to the blocked nose. The lowers are a common culprit and are often reduced during nasal surger.
Allergies. You may have recurrent polyps or allergies may be a significant factor. D see your surgeon to discuss options.