I have about 6 or 7 tics that I cannot seem to control. Been happening since I can remember. Taurets?

Tourette's complex. You need to describe your tics in more detail. Your may have panda's. See my health hints for more information. Tics that interfere with normal activities are more significant than those that don't. Complex tics affect several motor groups at once. Complex tics are more significant than simple tics. Please consult a knowledgeable doctor to help you with these symptoms.
Tics. Yes this could be a movement disorder. Best to see a neurologist for a workup concerning this. Treatment may help you.
Maybe. Tourette's syndrome has specific criteria for diagnosis. The criteria encompass the types of tics, the duration of the tics, previous evaluations, associated symptoms, and age of onset. I would recommend making a virtual appointment with me or another neurologist or seeing your local neurologist.