Can weather contribute to gout? Different relitives in different housholds flare at the same times.

No. But... Gout is due to high uric acid which forms crystals in joints causing pain and inflammation. Avoiding foods that are high in uric acid such as certain meats, beer, sardines, spinach, asparagus to name a few, will be helpful. Joints, however, become sensitive to barometric changes as they age or become injured. Thus, elderly people who have osteoarthritis often know when its going to rain.
No. All types of arthritis can flare with weather change, specifically a drop in barometric pressure, which usually precedes precipitation.Hence the old wives tale: i can predict the weather with my arthritis." previously gouty inflamed joints may have secondary osteoarthritis which may ache more with weather change, but weather will not bring on a gout attack! (unless you are snowed in and drink more).