What is a fatty liver?

Fat in the Liver. Deposition of triglycerides in the liver from any number of disease processes. This is considered a reversible condition although that may depend on the cause. Significant alcohol intake and obesity are two large contributors.
Steatosis. Increase in the number of fatty cells or adiposites in the liver. It is common in alcoholic liver, in malnutrition, in metabolic syndrome. It causes mild elevation of certain enzymes regarded as "liver enzymes" like ast, alt. On the ultrasound the liver looks more diffusely brilliant or hyerechoic. In gral. It is considered a benign condition. Latest studies suggest small % may develop cirrhosis.
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Fat infiltration . Several things can contribute to fatty infiltration of the liver including 1) excess weight over a long period of time, 2) pregnancy, 3) diet 4) medical conditions like diabetes, and 5) medications including chemotherapy. Depending on the contributing factors, some of the problem may be treated effectively with weight loss, tight glucose control, and/or dietary modification.